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Vertical Church Band at Harvest Bible Chapel York Region

Ever since Vertical Church Band‘s newest “The Rock Won’t Move” album was released, it’s been playing almost non-stop around my home and in the car. I’ve always been a big fan of live music (and live recordings), since it places you right in the midst of the experience — you can really sense the warmth, […]

Christopher Luk - Wedding & Event Photographer - Harvest Bible Chapel York Region 2014 Vertical Church Band Canada Tour - Worship The Rock Won't Move Found in You Dan Sumpter Tara Rios Seth McConkey Tyler Miller Wide Interior Overhead Overview Red Purple

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Harvest University – Chicago, Illinois – Harvest Bible Chapel / Harvest Bible Fellowship

It’s nice to take a break sometimes and share some “personal” photographs on the blog! My wife and I took a mini-vacation to Chicago, Illinois last year. Like so many other people, the only thing we knew about Chicago was The O’Hare International Airport, one the world’s most busiest and most vital central air transportation […]

Christopher Luk - Harvest Bible Chapel Elgin Fellowship University 2012 - Millennium Park Cloud Gate Chicago Illinois - Worship Vertical Church Music Band Andi Rozier Jacob Sooter

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