Christopher Luk Toronto Wedding Family Event Interior Design Photographer

Christopher Luk is a wedding, family, and event photographer based in Toronto whose signature “hands-on documentary” style is full of life and joy. He has a unique ability to encapsulate meaningful, heartwarming, and emotional storytelling of sentimental moments in an artistic way. Chris has a passion not only for weddings, but for seeing marriages succeed, and relationships endure for a lifetime.

He loves spending time with his family; being a delicious food consumer; and satisfying his audio, video, music, and sartorial gear acquisition syndrome.

A bit about me:

I laugh too loudly too often!
My foot naturally taps with the music.
I proudly call myself a geek and a nerd.

Why am I a wedding photographer?
My faith has a lot to do with it.

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Instagram: chrislukphoto
Facebook: ChristopherLukPhotography
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